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Remembrance Day of Holodomor Victims


Nowadays we witness the process developing in Ukraine which is exclusively important for the present and the future life of our people. We revive the historical memory which is the principal basis for the unified outlook of the nation, we restore the truth about the past and through the truth we approve feeling of national dignity which treats old wounds, spares fear and adds confidence in one’s own strengths.

Holodomor of 1932 – 1933 is an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe in our history and in the history of the whole mankind. There is no any doubt that it was genocide intentionally planned by the communist Stain regime which was accompanied by mass reprisals against the state, spiritual, intellectual and creative potential of the Ukrainian nation.

For less than a year – from the end of 1932 till the middle of 1933 – about 4 million of people in Ukraine perished from the artificially organized famine. Every minute 17 souls died in terrible tortures, every hour 1000 souls died, every day 25 thousand souls died.This exposition is only a small part of the restored truth, but in your hands; it should become a stone for construction of the house of memory and the house of the future.