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Відкрито доступ до віртуальної бібліотеки WWW: International Affairs Resources


Відкрито доступ до віртуальної бібліотеки WWW: International Affairs Resources

До вашої уваги пропонуємо віртуальну бібліотеку WWW: International Affairs Resources, безкоштовний академічний інтернет-каталог, який є частиною добровільної бібліотечної системи WWW Virtual Library System.

 Dear Colleagues:

For consideration for online research reference use in your International Relations Program, may I suggest my WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources, a cost-free academic Internet directory that is part of the volunteer-run WWW Virtual Library System, with over 2000 carefully selected, annotated links in 34 international affairs categories. It is frequently maintained, receives worldwide use daily, and is designed for teachers, scholars, students, researchers, diplomats, and the interested public, among others.

This directory is supported by Elizabethtown College, PA, USA and has recently relocated to  http://www.internationalaffairsresources.com/. All external links to any former URLs of this site since 1999 will automatically be forwarded to the new URLs.

 Users of this Virtual library can identify cost-free, authoritative, reliable, ongoing sources of statistics, information, and analysis in International Studies, worthy of regular consultation, and also benefit from general tips for more effective Internet use in academics and in serious international studies research. Please note the “Tips for Quality Internet Research in International Studies” section on the index page.

 The site is linked on thousands of library, university, governmental, military, NGO, and IGO websites and has received recommendations from many Internet academic organizations. With the search term “resources for international relations students,” as well as several others, it is usually in the Top Ten on Google. With the term “international relations resources,” it is ranked Number One on Bing. Individual pages are also well-ranked under their relevant search terms.

Запрошуємо користувачів бібліотеки приєднатися до аудиторії віртуального  ресурсу: http://www.internationalaffairsresources.com/